1984 – 1988 Stage Production and Costume Design / Diploma
Univ. Prof. H. Bruno Galleé / University Mozarteum / Salzburg / AUT

1996 – 2000 Master Class Sculpture
Univ. Prof. Bruno Gironcoli / Academy of Fine Arts / Vienna / AUT

1987 Costumes assistance at the Festival in Recklinghausen / GER

1988 Costumes organisation / background actors / stage work for the Independent Experimental Theatre – Frankfurt / Essen / Straßburg / GER / FR

1989 Costumes assistance at the Serapions Theatre / Odeon / Vienna / AUT

1990 – 1992 Assistance at the New Gallery Vienna for E. Schaumberger / AUT

1990 – 1993 Project „die fabrik“ / conceptual design and implementation / learning work space for unemployed adolescents with apprenticeship / supported and funded by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Science and Research Vienna / AUT

1993 Birth of son Laurids

1993 – 1995 Conceptual design and implementation of 150m2 replica of ancient Egyptian Art for an art collector and his show rooms / Vienna / AUT

1996 Assistance for the organisation of a sculpture symposium / curator Peter Assmann / Spital am Pyhrn / AUT
participation at the symposium and the exhibition
together with Franz West, Jürg Altherr, Sepp Auer, Michael Kienzer, Franco Ionda, Richard Nonas, Werner Feiersinger, Heinz Niederer, Peter Sandbichler, Gerhard Gutenberger and Pepi Maier

1997 Birth of son Severin

1996 – 2000 Master Class of Prof. Bruno Gironcoli /
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / AUT

Participation at various exhibitions e.g. Secession and Semper Depot
Secession – „Junge Szene“ curated by Kathrin Rhomberg
Semper Depot – curated by Harald Szeemann

2000 – 2001 Production (Art for Art) at the State Opera House Vienna / AUT
in cooperation with „Art for Art“ theatre outfitter / assistance and coordination of the various workshop spaces in the field of costume and stage production

2001 – 2002 Austrian State Stipend / art project „cour“ within the framework of lectures and under the patronance of Jean-Francois Chevrier / l’e.n.s.b.a / école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris / FR

2002 – 2007 Division manager and curator of the exhibitions at the
ZOOM Children’s Museum
/ Vienna / AUT
Focus: exhibition conception and implementation, management of the outreach team of around 30 team members
Integration of many artists at the exhibition design and outreach programmes: Gelatin, Roman Signer, Erwin Wurm, Hans Schabus, David Moises, Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler, Martin Walde, Werner Feiersinger, Anna Jermoleva, and many more.

2007 – 2008 Conceptual design and curation of the exhibition „herz.rasen“
together with S. Wernsing and C. Sturminger / Künstlerhaus / Vienna / AUT
cultural highlight of the UEFA European Championship 2008 in Austria
commissioned by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the initiative „Österreich am Ball“
responsible for the planning and implementation of the interactive works within the exhibition

2008 – 2009 Conceptual interactive design for the independent theatre group
„wenn es soweit ist“
/ installation and video „wenn es soweit ist“ Vienna / AUT
(more information)

2010 Foto project „da und dort“ Vienna / AUT
and a support service for children of asylum seeking parents in cooperation with Stefanie Ecker / “Limda“

2011 Academic collaboration / Art Academy Linz / AUT
Assistance of Prof. Dr. Herbert Lachmayer / Institute for „Experimental Visual Design“ and for the Da Ponte Research Center / within the framework of „Staging Knowledge“

2012 – 2014 OOOLicht (Mehr auf:

2016 – 2017 Interactive concept and design for the „Natur Museum“ in Neumarkt/Steiermark (in cooperation with Bernhard Winkler)

2018 – concept and development “wirklich” a project for disoriented, forward anxiously and internet addicted youth in cooperation with AMS Upper Austria

2019 – concept and development of the project “Nature of Memory”
In collaboration with the Association of the national parks Austria; with the faculty of culture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Heimo Zobernig; with the Museum Stift Admont, Michael Braunsteiner

Opening March 2022; Presentation of 8 Sculptures – September 2022

2019 – June – October: “tent” Exhibition of 6 Sculptures / Skulpturenpark / summerstage / Vienna / AUT

2019 – November: “mid fall” Exhibition / Vienna / AUT
in collaboration with my son, Laurids Oder

2020 – Mai: “Lieblingsstücke” Exhibition kunstraum pro arte / Hallein / AUT